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                Add:Room 4318,BingHe road Crown Building , Suzhou,Jiangsu,China
                Tel:+86-512-6251 3965
                Tax:+86-512-6251 3995
                  SuZhou GC Composite Material Co.,Ltd. focus on development, production and import and export trade of various chemical products and composite materials.Since its establishment, based on customer needs, develop and introduce a steady stream of excellent chemical products. The company devoted a lot of effort on development and introduction of plastics and fiber  additives in the textile, and provide domestic and foreign customers with excellent products.The company establish a good cooperation with well-known companiesof Germany, the United States, Britain and Japan. Our cooperation has achieved rapid development. The company has now formed a textile, rubber, paint and composite materials and other related fields of professional chemical enterprise.  Company  carry out a close technical cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Suzhou University, Jiangnan University, and other well-known scientific research institutes to provide raw materials, technology, and product applications full range of services for customs. The company focus on value creation, pursuit of customer satisfaction for business objectives, depending on the company's reputation for the life of rigor. We hope our new&old customers join with our professional team, compete in the value chain, and work together to create a brilliant career。Promote our chemical industry.