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                19th China International Composites Industrial Technical Exhibition CCE2013 Releases

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                " The 19th China International Composites Industrial Technical Exhibition " will be held in September 2013 from 11 to 13 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center ( Shunyi ) was held, we cordially invite you to visit to visit and guidance.
                " China International Composites Show " is the only approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology of international professional exhibition composite materials . Along with China 's rapid development of composite materials industry , as well as the composites industry entrepreneurs, experts and professionals in related fields and the love and support of our colleagues , "China International Composites Show" has continued to grow in China and the Asia-Pacific region's largest , the most influential composites industry exhibition, it is among the top three in the world , won the fans exhibitors , the audience Lively .
                Organizers - China Composites Group Co., Ltd. , China Composites Industry Association and the Chinese Ceramic Society branch FRP composite materials industry in our country have an extensive and far-reaching impact , experienced , strong. Relying on the experience of eighteen years and truly influence the cumulative advantage of its professional image and status of the brand has not only been the strong support of the relevant government departments , but also by the industry unanimously approved.
                The exhibition will explore the depth of the development of new composite materials Chinese model, focusing on China and the world's strongest voice of composite materials , to create a professional, authoritative , diverse international exchanges and business cooperation composites the best platform . " China International Composites Show " is more apt to be in the industry as " composites industry leader" , through this platform , Chinese composites industry development path to be the most significant refraction, the latest trends in the development of composite materials has been the most accurate expression .
                The exhibition of the salient features are:
                First, the increasing degree of internationalization
                The exhibition hall set up three W1/W2/W3, exhibition area of ??39,300 square meters , exhibitors is 450 , of which 339 domestic exhibitors , 111 overseas exhibitors were from the United States , Canada, France , the United Kingdom , Macedonia , Turkey, Germany , Italy, Netherlands , Switzerland, Belgium , Korea, Japan, Malaysia , Singapore and China Taiwan and Hong Kong and other 17 countries and regions ( Taiwan 8 exhibitors ) . The exhibition is expected to participate in the number of professionals will reach 1.5 million people , the United States , Germany, Spain , Russia, India , Thailand, Japan , Korea, Malaysia , Indonesia, Singapore , the Philippines and other countries have sent a number of professional delegations , expected to have nearly 60 countries and regions, more than 1,500 international visitors and buyers to visit the exhibition . " China Composites Show " has become the world understand China composite industry , Chinese enterprises to the domestic composite display window and the bridge.
                Second, the exhibition activities rich in content , close to the industry and service enterprises
                The exhibition brings together a composite display content on all aspects of the industry chain , covering a variety of raw materials, process equipment and composite products , including glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber , basalt fiber, natural fiber reinforced materials and the products , unsaturated , epoxy , phenolic resins and other new types of additives, pultrusion , winding, injection , molding, autoclave , vacuum RTM injection equipment and technology and the various applications of all kinds of new products and design software , involving face broad and active content are also extremely rich, in-kind exhibition , on-site operation and demonstration , explanation and other forms of professional conduct technical exchanges and economic and trade negotiations . At the meeting chaired by Chinese and foreign experts will be held 40 large-scale technical seminars ; area will showcase new products and foreign expert judges selected 24 enterprises should select the 26 kinds of innovative products, simultaneously CCE-JEC Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony competitions and activities ; some scholars , experts and industry professionals to participate in a " critical areas of composite materials development status and trends " as the theme of the high-level seminar , parsing carbon fiber and composite materials development status , wound composite products, application and development , SMC / BMC and LFT applications, structural composite materials in electrical engineering and other hot topics ; invite renowned industry experts on the "SMC sheet production and choice ", "SMC mold design and processing ", "SMC molding process and quality control "and other topics of technical training will continue to attract large numbers of visitors , to provide you with one to discuss cooperation , develop new markets, an excellent opportunity to improve communication .
                Third, the " China Composites Show " reflects the Chinese composites industry status and development
                Exhibition is a barometer of development of the industry in the global economic downturn, China's manufacturing index fell , foreign trade growth is slowing and many other negative factors in the context of China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo celebrates its nineteenth annual will . Chinese composites market is increasingly becoming the world's most important regional market , especially in the economic crisis sweeping the globe is the highlight of the Chinese market in the global composites industry chain irreplaceable important part. Chinese economic slowdown forecast did not stop the well-known composite corporate exhibitors enthusiasm , the Chinese market has become a global composites giant new technology, new product development , the manufacture and marketing , we do not see foreign domestic composite industry evacuation and relocation , on the contrary from the ASEAN countries , India, the Middle East , South America, Australia, Asia professional visitors is increasing, China 's products and equipment in these areas is still very attractive , indigenous cultivated national enterprises to play a crucial role. In recent years, slowing demand in Europe and America to purchase the composites industry personnel accordingly decreased, but the layout of the enterprise market to come to China but did a lot, almost every year the new European and American companies to participate in China Composites Show, they are looking for agents, establishment of representative offices , the establishment of wholly-owned companies or joint ventures , the establishment of facilities, research centers , rooted in the Chinese market. This fully demonstrates the Chinese composites market their optimism for the future expectations.
                The exhibition aims to further demonstrate composite materials technology and industry at home and abroad the latest developments and achievements , expanding China and other countries and regions in the field of technical and economic exchanges, cooperation and trade, promoting China's composites industry to develop faster . The exhibition reflects on the whole three highlights :
                I. manufacturer of advanced materials exhibiting proportion has increased. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 100 exhibitors show business involves carbon fiber, aramid fiber and high-strength glass fiber or fabric manufacturing and sales. Chinese and foreign well-known manufacturers of carbon fiber collective debut , Toray , Toho Company , Mitsubishi Corporation , USA Zoltek Companies, Turkey AKSA , Germany's SGL company Hyosung Group , South Korea and Thailand Light Group , Formosa Plastics Group , Russia composite Holding Group carbon fiber and other internationally renowned manufacturers have set up booths in the complex , the Condor, Shandong Guangwei Group , Jiangsu Hengli god , Bluestar fiber Co., Ltd. , PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical , Dalian Xing subjects such as domestic carbon fiber precursor key producers were also on display their latest product, the enterprise , including almost all domestic mainstream carbon fiber manufacturing company, which is constantly growing with the focus on the trend , fully demonstrates that domestic and international mainstream carbon fiber manufacturers optimistic about the future of the Chinese market, especially carbon fiber composites future use .
                Two . Advanced technology and complete sets of equipment exhibitors continuous participation . Along with carbon fiber in China's rapid development , a number of foreign high-level oxidation furnace and post-processing equipment suppliers show straight out to Germany Eisenman machinery and equipment company , Ruhstrat company led by four German companies of the Commonwealth , the United States Harper company , Despatch exhibiting companies, etc, continuous , to the Chinese market with advanced equipment. In addition , carbon fiber, aramid fiber reinforced sandwich structure , the honeycomb structure high quality, high performance aircraft-grade composite products and related equipment, increasing domestic and foreign well-known Italian manufacturer of advanced autoclave Te Luzi company U.S. ASC Corporation, Japan Yu Ikuta companies and domestic Puma special equipment company , Taian Darfur Jinhao company Zhucheng public TEDA Machinery Co., Ltd. Dalian Sakurada Machinery Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. China Aviation engineering integration are brought at the meeting, while the respective device unveiled exciting ; this series of high-performance advanced equipment so that " China Composites Show" exhibition levels have further improved.
                Three South Korean vessel Wei Qing industrial fiber industry association for the first time to exhibit. Kettle Wei Hing Industrial Fibers Industry Association is the only one Korean industrial textiles industry organizations , are responsible for the development of Korea 's industrial textile sector responsibility, southeastern Korea Busan , Ulsan and Gyeongnam Korea shipbuilding, automobile , petrochemical , aviation , rail transport , ports and other heavy industry concentrated, gathered with more than 500 around the industrial fiber related companies, Samsung, Hyundai , Daewoo and many other large groups with production bases in here . South Korean industrial fiber production accounts for 35% of total fiber . South Korea is accelerating , industrial textile fiber industry is becoming a new growth point of South Korea . This time, the association organized a South Korean INNO COMTECH Co. , Ltd. Korea KIMS , Korea T4L Corporation , Hyundai Fiber Co. Ltd., Thai light industry and other six South Korean companies collectively form the " Korea Pavilion ," exciting. In addition, this exhibition come to visit China Composites Korea Composite surged professional audience , in addition to a separate registration pre-registered visitors , will also organize a professional delegation of 100 people to visit, South Korea will become a source of overseas visitors, exhibition most countries. China and South Korea each other neighbors , convenient transportation, strong economic complementarity , the two sides to strengthen cooperation through the exhibition and for the future free trade area to prepare.
                Our composite industry after 50 years of development , has made brilliant achievements. Since the reform and opening up , especially in recent years in the energy, transportation , environmental engineering , aerospace and other huge market demand traction, the composite material has been rapid development . However, through exhibitions , but also reflects the composites industry is also facing development, environmental pressures , market competition , intellectual property protection and other serious problems and challenges.
                How to build better homes , to achieve the Chinese dream , composites recycling problem has become an obstacle to the development of composite materials is one key bottlenecks ; enterprise single product, similar or even counterfeit , is caused by vicious market competition and tort direct cause ; blind pursuit of export production of high energy consumption, high pollution , low value-added products . These are placed in front of the composites industry enormous challenges , innovation is the only way to adjust the structure . Through the development of recent years show , we see some companies disappear, while others businesses, even small and medium enterprises to realize sustainable development , we must seize the opportunity to adjust product structure, from low-end to high-end products , to the processing, high value-added , continuous technological innovation, and business grew and grew.
                       As China Composites exhibition organizers , the spirit of service in the industry , serve the purpose of the enterprise , we are specialized in Shanghai last year during the exhibition organized a " composite Sustainable Development - composite recycling technology " as the theme of the thematic content seminars, duration of employment and foreign experts delivered a keynote speech ; exhibition we will employ a number of industry experts resolve patent protection status at home and abroad as well as high-performance fiber composite key application areas of the status quo and development trend , providing a wide range of construction of ideas, these activities promote our composite industry 's long-term sustainable development will play a positive role in promoting .
                                                        China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo Organizing Committee
                                                           September 2, 2013