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                Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a lightweight composite structure assembled big catc

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                Science and Technology Daily News According to physicist organizational networks reported on August 15 , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have developed a lightweight composite material lock, buckle together can help each other to form complex structures , assembled into large load-bearing structure . The researchers believe that this new material may be aircraft , spacecraft assembly to bring about change , and even can be used to build larger structures . Related papers published in a recent issue of "Science " magazine.
                This lock researchers as a " coat of mail " , each piece of identical structure , is a plane cross each other together to form a clasp octahedral cubic lattice , as the perovskite lattice structure. After locking assembled extremely rugged , ultra-light weight material strength equivalent to the same 10 times . Each lock can also be removed to facilitate repair , or in various combinations structures recycling.
                MIT bits and atoms, center director Neil Ferguson Field introduction, this design combines three areas of research : fiber composite materials, honeycomb material ( made ??of porous material ) and additive manufacturing ( such as 3D printing , and its structure is passed by layer formed by deposition rather than removing excess material ) .
                The current composite materials, from tennis rackets to 787 parts , each part is a continuous unit . Therefore, in the manufacture of large structures , such as wings, have a special large factories . Gerson Rumsfeld said, for an aircraft manufacturing , in such a large scale is not practical to use 3D printing , their study is a discrete "digital " material . " The material can solve the problem , it was assembled instead of printing ."
                In the conventional composite materials , the large crack easy connection between components , and the new composite structure with a lot of small fiber lock ride together , like an elastic solid , not a sudden rupture and lighter than the conventional structure - because the pressure through the " lock dot " is dispersed passed to the whole " building lattice " in the.
                In the same load when the load weight , the new structure of the material used less. Reducing the burden of transportation , construction and assembly costs , while significantly reducing fuel consumption , but also to allow larger, more flexible design . Co-author , postdoctoral Kenneth Chang said that the system " or whatever you need to move something on the air ," are very practical. ( Reporter Chang Lijun )
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                The moment, in machining, construction and many other fields , such " Lego " type of unit structures are increasingly common. Recently , a domestic enterprise known as ready a few months time , in order to build the module mode " assemble " the world 's tallest building news , had provoked much discussion . Massachusetts New material structure stability , major, light weight , easy to assemble , already can imagine its promising. It is said that the team is still developing an assembly robot , can be like bee nest -like structure of the surface in the crawl for it "building blocks ." Until then , assembling wing , rockets, and even more massive dams to them will be coming out . Also worth mentioning is that the future of human space base construction , lightweight materials such assembled perhaps the perfect choice.