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                The major domestic manufacturers of carbon fiber production capacity status

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                "China in the carbon fiber composite material is still in the development stage, there is no real sense of the industrial scale," the Chinese Society for Composite Materials an official told reporters. 
                Composites that the two materials are mixed together, the performance is more obvious than a single material such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber. CSC researcher Mei Han said in an interview, "carbon fiber, glass fiber itself is relatively light weight and texture and is very suitable for such a material applied to aerospace, rail transportation and other areas were." 
                Han Mei believes that if the carbon fiber and other composite materials industry can successfully be developed on China's energy saving is also of vital importance. "Such as cars, if housing is made of composite materials, body weight will be reduced, so fuel consumption will be reduced." 
                It is understood that the current consumption of the world's carbon fiber structure focused on industrial applications, aerospace, and sports and leisure three aspects, the current industrial applications, 58% of total consumption; aerospace applications accounted for 23%, sports equipment accounted for 19% of applications. 
                According to CSC's study shows that the pattern of carbon fiber oversupply will remain until 2011, by 2012 the basic supply and demand balance, 2013, after the fast-growing industry demand is expected to enable the industry to supply less than the demand trend.
                It is understood that China's share of world carbon fiber production capacity of high-performance carbon fibers about 0.4% of total production, "2009 self-sufficiency rate has been increased to 16% or more, but still dependent on imports, quality and size are large compared to the gap with foreign countries." 
                Experts statistics, China's carbon fiber composite materials in great demand figure is about 10,000 tons, while the production capacity of only 4,000 to 5,000 tons. With national attention, capacity is further improved. "Twelve Five" period of production capacity is able to meet development needs, China is now specializing in the production of carbon fiber manufacturers have more than a dozen, but the technology has yet to be a breakthrough high-end applications, if you do not break it, or do not increase the overall level. 
                Sinosteel Jilin Carbon: Carbon fiber leading shares 
                Company is currently focusing on the development of carbon fiber project. Carbon fiber market is now in rapid development among the world's carbon fiber demand will be about 13 percent per year growth rate. 2010, China's demand for carbon fiber reach 1 million tons, but the current domestic carbon fiber production enterprises 23, a total capacity of 4,000 tons / year, the scale of 1000 tons or less, the cost is higher, the market potential is huge. Companies in the River City Investment carbon fiber project in 2008 to start building, a 500 tons / year production line construction will be in August this year put into operation, two 1500 tons / year production line construction will be 2012 by the end of production, then River carbon fiber company's annual production capacity will reach 2,000 tons, become an important production base of carbon fiber. The company now has carbon fiber River City 30% stake in the company.